Old Plum

Traditional fruit Brandy by excellence, Old Plum is the result of assembling the choicest selection of Plums and ageing in oak barrels. The fruits used to produce G.E. MASSENEZ’s Old Plum Brandy are round fleshy Plums from the orchards of Alsace which ripen in October.


Clear and colourless, may acquire yellow green highlights with age; characteristic fruit brandy brilliance. A supple, fluid brandy.


Clean and typical of marc. Intense, complex nose, spicy aromas assert themselves. A complex bouquet offset by sweet aromatic smoothness.


At the level of aromas, the classical gradation of fruit brandies structured in 3 major organoleptique notes:

  • Clean, lively, spicy attack
  • Complex fruity note with marc giving way to a more complex,powerful aromatic texture
  • Long finish on musk notes.