Miss Massenez’s Cocktails Concentrés

Discover the new Miss Massenez’s Cocktails Concentrés “Grands Voyages” range!

These 9 concentrés were designed to facilitate the preparation of the Miss Massenez’s cocktails, keeping high quality and exceptional flavours.

One dose of concentré, two doses of fruit juice and some ice cubes… for smart cocktails, that’s it.


Garden Party

This year, Massenez asserts its rightful place in the bar world with the Garden Party range!

A full range of vegetables and herbal distillates, to provide vitamins and colour! With 69% ABV, this new range contributes a touch of green to the most daring cocktails!

With its pastoral overtones, Garden Party is an open invitation to freshness!


Massenez’s Eaux-de-Vie

Massenez fruits Eaux-de-Vie are renowned for their quality and refinement on the palate – high-quality products from 40° to 46° certainly, but ones that bring pleasure to every palate : the French “élégance” for sure!

Each year, this quality is celebrated with gold medals at world spirits competitions: a real pride for the whole Massenez team.

From luxury bottles to traditional flutes, Massenez has remained authentic both in its packaging and its distilling method. It is a world leader in its sector.


Massenez’s Creams & Liquors

Present in the most famous places and trendy bars & restaurants worldwide, the Massenez’s Creams & Liqueurs are celebrated for their highest quality and unique flavor since 1870.

They are the best thanks to the expertise of the “Maître Liquoriste” and a rigorous selection of the ingredients. The ideal partner of your celebrations to give a “french touch” to your cocktails!

From Blackberry, Peach…to Ginger or Green Apple… a full range of flavors!


Miss Massenez’s boxes

Mixed by our mixologist, Pierre Boueri, all Miss Massenez’s cocktails are simple to make but very high-quality in terms of taste. In a world where cocktails are becoming more and more important, Miss Massenez’s cocktails stand out for their refinement, but also their originality – all using traditional fruit brandies, crèmes and liqueurs!

The Massenez Distillery has developed cocktail boxes in various sizes: this allows you to make delicious cocktails at home while saving time as all is in the pack, excepted the fruit juice!


Massenez’s wines

The Massenez wine is unique and produced especially for the connoisseur of fine wines. Made in the classic French winemaking traditions and carefully aged in oak barrels.

These magnificent wines complement the range of exceptional products created by the Massenez Family…